When a thief hugs you, check your wallet. When a thief kisses you, check your teeth.

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history of the rush

it started out as a mere child’s game…

"take what you can, without getting CAUGHT

…from candy to toys, from toys to video games, from video games to WHATEVER I can get my hands on. That straight rush to the mind that invigorates my forsaken soul; that warmness and lack of breathe I undertake; and the numbness of my morals and my palms as I take what’s not mine. Not because I NEED it or WANT it, but because I CAN.

This is where the rush came from, now I write to show you where the rush is going to. Will it lead to millions like it did for Ocean’s 11? Or unlike hollywood, will reality lead me to prison? Or maybe I will die an old man who is cunning, sneaky, and still at the top of his game. We will see…

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